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Week’s Best Viral Video

Of the videos that went viral this week (8/4-10), which one was your favorite?

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DC-10 Fire

Football Phone

Marriage Proposal Denied

Missionary Basketball


  1. I loved all the videos, but how can Mormon basketball (109K views) be in the same poll with Football on Your Phone (6 Mil views) and Marriage Proposal 1.3 Mil views). Almost seems like there is an agenda in including this non-viral video in with the others.

  2. Glad you liked the videos. We noticed each of these videos in the poll went ‘viral’ in different ways. As for the basketball video, there are several versions with one we found as high as 340K viewers. Overall, all versions of this video combined are likely approaching 1 million views. We also observed that this video had prime promotion by YouTube and that it had good momentum during the week. Overall, we liked the overall message of good fun and sportsmanship, and felt it belonged with this outstanding group. Thanks and come again!

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